Sunday, May 06, 2007

The French connection

I have been away on business for the last four days and had some challenges with wireless connections there, so didn't have an opportunity to post. Where I stayed was Chateau Montebello in Quebec, in the small town of Montebello, about one and a quarter hour's drive outside of Ottawa. The building and grounds were glorious and luxurious, but my schedule didn't allow much time for sketching so I did a quick amble around one lunch time and took some photos that will act as memories and references for future drawings or paintings.

This was the view from my room. Very rustic looking decor, but very luxurious. Sometimes there are perks in my job... Being in Quebec of course is being submersed in French culture and language - oh and did I mention food?? Canada is a bilingual country with French and English. However in Quebec, you won't find a single sign anywhere in English. I negotiated my way through restaurants and stores with my brain frantically searching for my high school French language courses. As some French friends have said to me, they can understand what I am saying, but my grammar sucks.

More enroute sketches tomorrow, electronics willing.

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