Sunday, May 13, 2007

Draft 3

I've finally decided on an image for my symbolic self portrait. I just have one more image to create in the lower left corner. The colour in the drawing was more me doodling while on the phone than how the real drawing will evolve. It will be in graphite only at this point. I haven't made any decisions about colour and know that this will be something that the drawing it self will tell me.

The challenge is now to transfer it to a larger scale, about 22 x 30 most likely. This image is quite small and is the thumbnail sketch. I guess gridding is likely the best way to go to ensure I get the main elements in the right places. I can fill in the details from there.

While the images are there, I won't explain much about the symbolism. Much of it is personal and its always good to let the viewer put their own spin on what they see and how they interpret it.


Mary said...

Very interesting image Jeanette, I will be watching closely at this one. I know you will do very well in Armin's class.

Jeanette said...

Thank you Mary. The class really makes you think carefully - very useful.