Thursday, May 17, 2007


Graphite sketch 5 x 8
copyright Jeanette Jobson

Wendy Prior, that wonderful New Zealand artist tagged me. Being tagged means that I must reveal seven secrets about myself and then tag seven others to do the same. That may be a challenge at this point as most of the others that I know have been tagged already. But I'll see what I can do.

Now let's see what many of you don't know about me....

1. I hate marshmallows and cotton wool. Its a texture thing. I can't bear to touch them and you couldn't pay me enough to eat a marshmallow.

2. I met a Hungarian prince at a nudist beach in the UK. My art mentor, Tom Greenshields would go there and take me along from time to time. 'Good drawing potential here...' he would say. Anyway, a good line perhaps, being a Hungarian prince, I mean, how could I ask for ID?

3. Early in my art career, I worked as an artist's model for life classes. It was interesting to see both sides of the easel and the pay was good. I also learned the art of staying very still for long periods of time. I have no exhibitionist qualities, but felt quite comfortable in the role most of the time.

4. My eldest daughter was looked after by armed bodyguards when I worked and lived in a pub in Sunbury-on-Thames. Some gentlemen who frequented the pub obviously needed armed bodyguards. I never had the courage to ask quite what they did for a living. The bodyguards looked after her well and enjoyed their time with her.

5. I love whales, and being very close to the ocean, see them regularly in season. When my children were younger, I would 'call' the whales. This would embarrass the girls no end. But the whales always arrived on cue.

6. I was asked to be an extra in 'The French Lieutenant's Woman' when it was being filmed in Lyme Regis. Unfortunately, I couldn't do so at the time as I couldn't find a child minder for my daughter for the day and couldn't really haul her around all day in period costume. However, as it was friends who made the contact (he was the art designer for the set) I was asked to the final cast party and met Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons who were both lovely people.

7. I have met Paul King of Mungo Jerry, Denny Laine of Wings and Eric Clapton. They all used to came into the pub where I worked, either socially or professionally . I'll leave the younger of the readers to Google the names and find out who they were, as I'm sure you're saying 'Huh? Paul who??'

Now who to tag??? Seems I can only come up with five that are as yet 'untagged'.

Monica Gillis, who inspired me to work with stone.

Terry Banderas, whose paintings and pen and ink work are always fresh and bright.

Farm Girl Fare. Susan's adventures on a working farm are a constant delight.

Loretta's blog - Pomegranates and Paper is simply delicious with every reading.

Jeanne Grant's constant work at her art is an inspiration as is her progress.


"JeanneG" said...

I would love to accept the tag but fleur/Marie-Dom already got me. I could only think of 4 people myself. Most of the ones I wanted to tag didn't have blogs.

Quite an interesting life you have led. Me you couldn't pay enough to pose in the buff. I like marshmallows but am allergic to wool.

Thank you for the compliment. I am now going out every Wednesday with a plein air group (most are watercolorists but many of them do several mediums. We had 15 at one gathering, 6 at one and this week 9. Not too bad of a turnout and I am really enjoying the company and the different things to draw. There is a critique after lunch. I'm very glad I found them. Jeanne

Jeanette said...

Yes, untagged people are harder to find it seems!

Practice and the company of other artists is always a good thing.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting set of secrets! Eric!!