Tuesday, June 26, 2007


At last I framed the Best of Show certificate that I received from the Realist Artists last month. Its a odd size, 14 x 18, but its done now and look quite presentable.

However it had a bit of an accident yesterday. I had a large portrait resting on the mantlepiece and a strong gust of wind slid it off crashing down on to the newly framed certificate I had resting below. With it came a Gallilean thermometer from the mantel which broke, spilling its liquid over everything including the certificate. It seeped into the back of the frame and crept up the certificate.

Luckily the certificate dried out and no damage was done, besides a chip to the portrait frame. I was amazed that no glass was broken aside from the thermometer.

Moral of the story: Put your framed piece on the wall - immediately.


"JeanneG" said...

First thing to do next time is scan or take a photo of it in case of damage. Looks nice.

Tomorrow more picture taking. It's a good thing I take digital. I couldn't afford to have so many developed.

Jeanette said...

Yes, I always have an electronic image before an item is framed.

Whatever did we do before digital cameras??

Anita said...

WOOOHOOOO Jeanette! I'm proud to say I "know" you!

Billie Crain said...

Best of Show?! when did this happen? belated Congratulations!!!good for you, Jeanette! glad the certificate survived the fall. that could've been tragic.

Jeanette said...

Awwwww thanks Anita. This seems to be a year of firsts for many of us. I hope it continues for all.

Thanks Billie. This was for the drawing I did of Tripod back in the winter, I think you saw it then. Cats seem to be good luck charms for both of us artistically this year, don't they? :)

Katherine said...

Good call Jeanne! I'd never have thought of that.

Well done Jeanette and bad luck with the accident. I think I'll have to start a new mantra catswinprizes; catwinsprizes!

Jeanette said...

Yes, that mantra seems to be coming true, doesn't it Katherine? I'd better go draw some more cats!