Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Pout

Why is it that Mondays always seem so busy? Everyone saves up their problems all weekend then lay them on my desk it seems. However, I got through the day with just some minor bruises to my ego and brain then took myself off for a run.

I used to be a runner til an ankle injury put a stop to that. Drawing isn't exactly an aerobic activity and eating too much helps middle aged spread -well spread - and I have missed running so I am making an attempt at getting back into it again using the Couch to 5K Running Program. I found a great podcast for each week that gets me through the runs, giving timing signals, music, warm up and cool down times. Its great. But the run was hard today and only into Week 1. It was warm and quite windy and I had been at work all day so not at my peak. I really need to run early mornings instead.

I have a box of 'goodies' that I collect while out and about of toys that I keep for when children come to visit. My house doesn't have small children living there anymore and there are few toys still lurking around so I add to the box when I see something that appeals to me.

This was one of a series of dolls that had those realistic looking faces and the expression on this face was irresistable to me. More so to draw it as well. Now, it sits in the box with an assortment of others waiting to be played with. It reminds a little of the expression I captured in my own daughter when she didn't want to do something. I believe my grand daughter may have similar expression at times.


Anonymous said...

That running programme looks interesting; I sure need something like that! I love the expression on the doll! I'm sure we all remember that one. My DW tells me I still go like that from time to time!!

Jeanette said...

Yes, is a great program Dave and eases you into running so there are no injuries. I'd highly recommend it!

We all have 'the pout' now and then I think. :)