Thursday, June 28, 2007

Surf and turf

I've been slowly working on my symbolic self portrait for Armin Mersmann's class. I try to do a little bit each day, mostly evenings before sleep or very early mornings when I wake. The image is 22 x 30 on illustration board and done with a variety of mechanical pencils and some regular pencils in harder leads that I can't get locally for mechanical holders.

There are just a handful of us left in this class still plugging away at our drawings. Progress when in high detail and large scale goes slowly, but is satisfying. I've mentally called it Surf & Turf, due to the elements of the drawing and can't seem to get that out of my head now.

I am still doing thumbnail sketches of what images I want to fill the right hand side of the drawing and/or some of the foreground. I have to admit that the rocks are defeating me a little but I'll persevere and get them to do what I want. The far left rock is starting to achieve the level of realism that I'm looking for. Fins of the fish are still in progress and I need a real fish to compare translucency and distortion of objects behind it. Guess I'll have to spend a bit more time at the fish counter. Finding a whole cod in Newfoundland is a lot harder than you would imagine it seems, but I guess another fish fin would do for comparison.

I've found the process of thinking through to reach the concept and come up with the ideas really stretching me and I enjoy it thoroughly. Like many things, initial difficulty is perception, not reality, because once you apply knowledge and careful thought, things fall into place.

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