Sunday, August 19, 2007


Little Harbour East
Oils 5 x 7
copyright Jeanette Jobson

As I promised myself yesterday, I dug out my oil paints and tackled a fairly simple composition. I haven't used oils in nearly 20 years, but like riding a bike, I'm hoping it will come back to me.

I used to use oils extensively in animal and human portraiture but children and animals and lack of space got in the way so they were put in a storage box and didn't see the light of day too often as I used more dry mediums such as graphite or coloured pencil.

I still have some catching up to do with my oils, but loved the buttery texture and smell of them again. I realized too that I also need some new brushes! I managed with the ones I had, but some of those are equally old and a little stiff from lack of use to say the least.

The photo of the painting isn't great. It doesn't show the true colours and values as it looks completely different in real life. I am very frustrated with my camera lately. I think it may be time to invest in a new one. It can't all be my incompetence. Or can it? I hate tweaking images with graphic editors once I have them on the computer. I always think it detracts somewhat from the original.


Katherine said...

Very interesting Jeanette - the values seem very close but I'm assuming that's the photo.

Can't wait to see what happens when you get new brushes!

Duane Keiser is doing live webcams at the moment - did one today and he's got another one tomorrow - if you want a refresher re technique

Jeanette said...

Thanks Katherine. I do need a refresher and a bigger canvas as well as brushes.

I wasn't bold enough with either colour or paint quantities but I'll revisit this. The values do need to be stronger, I was being a wuss.

Thanks for the tip about Duane's webcams, I probably am too late now but will have a look there again and seen when/if he's doing another.