Saturday, August 25, 2007


I came across a photo while searching through my archives today and decided to draw it as another self portrait. I always seem to have some animal attached to me it seems and this is no different. A day old Pekin duckling that I couldn't resist picking up. They of course climb instinctively to the highest point and I hwas trying to keep hold of him to prevent him taking off over my shoulder.

I'll transfer the drawing and see what I can do with it in watercolour I think.

Birds seem to be everywhere lately and a hawk has been around for a few days trying its luck at having duck dinner. The hawk has taken a duck already this year but I was hoping he'd go away. Yesterday he was manoevering and obviously got confused by the living room window and crashed into it.

From the livingroom window you can see through to the dining room window and it sometimes confuses birds who think they can fly right on through. A small bird makes a very loud noise when it hits the window but a hawk hitting it really does get your attention. He hit it so hard that he left scratch marks on the window with his talons or beak. He flew off again zigzagging and likely has a headache today. Perhaps he won't come back for awhile.

The scratches on the window are pretty obvious, I just hope it hasn't broken the seal on the window. Does insurance cover damage by hawks? Ahhhh, country living....

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"JeanneG" said...

I'm just glad he didn't break the window. That would have been a mess. Put some decals on the window. I had to do that at 2 different heights to keep my dogs from going thru the sliding glass door.