Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Band Aid 1984

Twenty three years ago in London Do They Know It's Christmas was created and performed to draw attention to world hunger. And it still has the same impact today as it did in 1983, at least to me. I was living in England at the time and remember the concept, the music, the musicians and the flurry it caused with the press and the government at the time when they insisted that the VAT be paid on any sales of this record. Bob Geldof went head to head with Margaret Thatcher's government and won. The government allowed VAT to be donated to aid the cause.

Wikipedia has a lot of information on the event and the players involved:

The original 1984 Feed The World logo was based on a pencil sketch by Bob Geldof after watching a BBC television news report by Michael Buerk from famine-stricken Ethiopia, was so moved by the plight of starving children that he decided to try and raise money using his contacts in pop music. The news report itself has become famous, being voted among the greatest television moments of the century, and it remains Buerk's definitive work, even though most of his career was spent as an anchorman.

The name 'Band Aid' was chosen as a pun on the name of a well known brand of adhesive bandage, also referring to musicians working as a band to provide aid and alluding to the fact that any help stemming from their efforts is likened to a band-aid on a very serious wound.

The group has reformed on three occasions, each time from the most successful British and Irish pop music performers of the time, to record the same song at the same time of year. Co-writer Midge Ure once commented: 'Every generation should have its own version'.

I did a quick sketch of Bob Geldof, just for fun. Office pen and grid paper aren't the ideal mediums, but art is art. I tweaked it a little to remove the grid lines - or most of them. For those old enough to remember the original music and the original players, have a look at the video for some memories. See who you recognize now.


sorcha_o said...

I can identify some of the people, but of course I only wait for the part when Bono sings, and then I tune out.

I remember when the song originally came out and we used to skip around the playground with our friends singing it.

Good times!

david santos said...

Hi Jeanett,
Work of master, thank you.

I wish you a good end of 2007 and a good year of 2008.