Saturday, December 22, 2007

Marketing and creativity

Pen, ink & coloured pencil 8 x 5
copyright Jeanette Jobson

My mind, like that of other art bloggers, turns to introspection this time of year. A review of what I have accomplished, what succeeded, what didn't, all come in for scrutiny. And I'll write a more in-depth post about that once I've had more time to sit back, relax and consider it for awhile.

I know I've broken new ground this year and will continue to push myself forward into 2008. I, like most artists, find it difficult to be the marketer of my own work. Is it fear of rejection, or the uncomfortable feeling that comes with putting a personal part of my visual expression out for judgement? Perhaps its a bit of both, but I know I hate doing it, but it is an integral part of an artist's life if sales or recognition is wanted.

In reality, I am an introvert. I hate crowds of people and being engaged in meaningless conversation with total strangers, no matter who they may be. Oh, I can hold my own in conversation in these situations but the 'fight or flight' instinct is kicking in big time all the while as I look for an escape route.

Creativity mean I need to spend time away from people and with people. I can't produce well if I have a crowd of people around me. I do draw around people when I do demonstrations. I find it easy to tune out people to some degree in that situation until someone asks me a question and brings me back down to earth.

So marketing always feels strange to me and I do everything I can to avoid it. I would simply like a manager to deal with all the one on one negotiations with buyers and exhibitions etc to let me just produce.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this feeling and others find it odd that I don't want to be busom buddies with the world. Its part of my makeup and what I need to create. However, I don't have a manager, so I still need to deal with the world to market my art and believe me, its a painful process at times for me.


Suzanne said...

What a beautiful piece of fruit you've made! Thanks for sharing the beautiful image. As for the struggle of art and commerce - it is ages old and just seems to be part of the game of life.

Terry Banderas said...

Nice piece of work. I continue to enjoy your art and your thoughts on your blog. Since you are still working, it's difficult to draw and paint and maintain a blog. I would not have even attempted it when I worked. It's funny how I feel I know the many bloggers I stay in contact with--you, for sure. Have a Merry Christmas and I hope to continue seeing you in 2008.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Suzanne for the kind words and the confirmation that life is just life.

Terry yes it is difficult to do all I want to do when working full time simultaneously, but part of me HAS to do this and work around the difficulties it presents.

The world of artist bloggers becomes closer each day. The internet is a wonderful invention in many ways as it eliminates barriers and geography while opening up opportunities.

Merry Christmas, I am sure (barring unforeseen events) that I will still be here in 2008. I hope you will to.

Anonymous said...

I feel much the same about the urge to flee. Most of the work I do (art or otherwise) are solitary gigs. So the marketing piece of the puzzle is a huge struggle. Like me, we can only take it one step at at time.....two forward, one back. Keep plugging!