Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Sketch -- garlic and jar
8 x 10 graphite
copyright Jeanette Jobson

You know how sometimes you try to get organized and you get too organized and it screws everything up? I did that this year. In the summer I decided I would be ready for Christmas. There would be no big rush, no spending huge dollars at the last minute, no stress. I would be organized. Hmph. Doesn't quite work like that, does it?

I spent last night looking for gifts that I bought for people during the summer. Unsuccessfully looking for them. I searched in all the places I usually stash things. The bottom of the art cupboard. My closet. In the back of the cupboard under the sink in the bathroom. The cold room. I found a couple of things which weren't Christmas presents. Like the Baci chocolates I bought in Regina last month. (they're not bad and you get a little saying in each one). I found a gift left over from last year that was edible at some point, but likely stale by now. But not the things I was looking for.

So tonight, in the snow, I ventured into some stores to 'refind' some gifts. Why is it that when you don't want something or haven't got the money to get something, things literally jump off the shelves screaming 'buy me, buy me!', but when you want something and have the money there isn't a thing in any store anywhere that looks remotely interesting? I came home tired and with some things.

Likely on Boxing Day, the gifts I was looking for will turn up.


Suzanne said...

Everytime I clean up and organize well, I spend several hours over the coming weeks looking for things wondering, "How could I have so much stuff to lose this little thing?" And, "Didn't I just organize so that I could find this sort of thing in an instant?" It's a trap of the material world. Love the drawing. More of those, please.

Stacy said...

Growing up, whenever my mom had something she didn't want to lose she always put it in a "safe place". Unfortunately, most of the time, she forgot where that safe place was when she needed to find the object!! Age hasn't made her any wiser. She still loses stuff in safe places and now my sister has started following in her footsteps. LOL

Good luck finding your gifts!

Tracy Hall said...

I do sympathise, Jeanette, I do that every year - usually refind them in the spring and hide them again. Then lose them again. There is probably something to be said for shopping on Chrsitmas Eve....! Terrific sketch.

Tracy said...

that's funny. We have the best of intentions, don't we?

Jeanette said...

Update: I found the gifts, but by then I'd bought new ones and mailed the parcels. Oh well, more for next year.

This time I will write down where I put them! :)