Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Turkey day

On Thursday, the Christmas turkeys go to the processor. The date was changed and is earlier than anticipated, so it means they'll be popped in the freezer for a week instead of fresh. It makes no difference to the texture or taste of the bird as there are no accelerrants used in the freezing process. When you are dependent on the schedules of others, dates and times get changed so it causes a flurry for a few days to coordinate it, but usually works out.

The turkeys are rather strange looking birds, quite prehistoric but have their own charm. They are so curious about the world around them and people who come to visit them. They love to be amused with a big red ball and feed bags stuffed with newspaper and hung from the ceiling act sort of like those punching bags in a boxer's gym.

But they must go - 94 of them this year and all sold - most prior to them even arriving here as day old poults. I always feel sad when they go, but they've served their purpose in life. I like to ensure that people know where their food comes from and are aware of the process and those who care for it and help it grow. These days we take it for granted that everything comes on a sterile tray or bag in a supermarket or for those who still have butchers, hanging from a rack there.

Raising animals gives you a new respect for their life, and our life and view of the world.

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