Sunday, February 10, 2008

Flags and snow

When sun rays crown thy pine clad hills...
Ode to Newfoundland 1904

The sun rays were definitely hitting the pine clad hills today and I set out to take some photographs of the land in the grip of February.

Each morning I drive past this lake on my way to work. There is a tiny 'island' in the middle, more like a rock jutting out and in the rock grows a very hardy little evergreen tree. An enterprising soul has swum or rowed to the island and placed the Newfoundland flag there. (click on the photo to enlarge it)

The old flag of Newfoundland was the Union Flag. It was adopted in 1931 and used until the suspension of responsible government in 1934. It was readopted as the official provincial flag in 1952, and used until 1980. The Newfoundland and Labrador branch of the Royal Canadian Legion to this day does not recognize the new Newfoundland flag as the flag of Newfoundland. It contends that during both world wars, Newfoundland soldiers fought under the Union Flag of the dominion. The legion displays the Union Flag at all of its official functions.


NL-ExPatriate said...

I actually saw the NFLD Regiment marching with the Pink White and Green on one of those NTV moments in history. At least that's what it looked like because it was in black and white.

Is the PWG still flying up on the south side hills? Last I heard it had blown over? From the pictures I saw it appears to need some guide wires to stabilize the pole.

God Guard Thee NFLD!

Jeanette said...

I don't know if the flag is still up on the southside, as I'm rarely in that part of town. I'll have a look when I'm near there next and see if it is!