Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Elephant study
graphite, Canson sketchbook
copyright Jeanette Jobson

Style is what makes an artist's work recognizable as their own. Its like a signature, identifying at a glance that the work belongs to a specific person.

Style does take time to develop and in my case comes with several identifiers. I've looked at my art and see some aspects that make my stamp on my work.

1. I prefer dry media, either graphite, coloured pencil or pen and ink (ok not quite dry but close)
2. My method of drawing follows traditional lines - a master line drawing, then shading or colour
3. Many of my drawings have a delicate touch to them. I don't go for large, bold drawings, I prefer precise lines and softer colours.
4. Subject matter. Many of my drawings involve portraiture of animals or people. I do stray into other subject matter, but always come back to the living.

Do these all add up to an identifiable style or are they my comfort zone? Or does my comfort zone lead me into my style of drawing? It probably is both and I'm sure my style changes from time to time as I experiment with other mediums and supports. Developing style is a lifelong learning experience.

Every artist who evolves a style does so from illusive elements that inhabit his or her visual storehouse.
Mary Carroll Nelson)


Billie Crain said...

*thumbsup* this would've looked great in silverpoint as well, Jeanette. i especially like the unfinished look about it.

Tom Barrett said...

Nice elephant! Good detail.

I think that how you like to draw and paint is what becomes your "style." Whether it is an identifiable style depends on how many people know your work. Your subjects don't really have a bearing on style, in that many others like to draw the same things. And I agree that your style is in constant development, and will perhaps change a bit over time, but there will still be those identifying characteristics that will remain as you grow as an artist.

Tom Barrett said...

Also wanted to say how much I like the cross-hatching in you art!

Jeanette said...

Thanks BIllie, I hope to tackle some more silverpoint this weekend - and likely an animal.

Thank you Tom. I've developed a fondness for hatching. :) There's something very soothing about doing it.