Friday, February 15, 2008

The human head

Lancashire Man
graphite 8 x 10
copyright Jeanette Jobson

I always have a desire to draw faces, either animals or people. I think its been something that I've gravitated towards since beginning to draw as a child. There have always been people in my art. This is probably why I find it so difficult to branch out into landscape, floral, etc., etc. I prefer my comfort zone.

Explaining how to maintain proportion in drawing the human head is repetitive for beginners and they don't usually 'get it' right away. I teach that by letting students measure on themselves and others physically to find out where the relevant points are in relationship to each other. Once students are able to make the connection between measurement and getting proportion right, they often make great progress. Its partially understanding the principle of anatomy and part switching over to the right side of the brain. It also takes a lot of practice and time, another stumbling block for learners who want a perfect drawing and want it right now without much pain involved getting there!

Not all drawings need to be long and complex to obtain the spirit and likeness of an individual. A sketch, like the one here took about 30 minutes and provides an accurate records of that moment in time, the lighting, the clothing, the expression that all go together to create the character of this man. Sketches are great warm ups to a more structured drawing. I just transfer the main lines to my new paper, enlarging or reducing if I need to then I'm ready for a longer session to achieve the detail and realism that I want in a drawing.


Jo Castillo said...

Good insights. This and Style. Thanks.

"JeanneG" said...

I haven't done one for the WDE this week, but I would have chosen this one. You seem to choose the one I would choose each week. I guess we like the same things. Very good job.

I have tried measuring and have trouble with it. I guess it is too much like perspective. I do my portraits by sight.

How did the client like the yoga pictures?

Jeanette said...

Thanks Jo.

Sometimes the photo choices of the WDE aren't really suited for drawing and more for painting. But this one appealed mostly because it was the clearer one of the group and , of course, a face. :)

The client loved the yoga masks and they will be used in a film.

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