Friday, June 06, 2008

Art grants

Laguna arch study

I have been mulling over several larger scale ideas for art in my mind recently and wondering how I can fund them. Grants spring to mind, but I've never applied for one personally before. I've done scores of applications for grants for non profit work, so the transition shouldn't be too different right?

Well yes and no. The implication of writing a grant proposal for myself puts the onus on myself to perform. Grants are given not out of the love of providing money to starving artists. The grant foundations want proof that you've done what you said you'll do. That will take a bit of planning on my part to achieve any of the project ideas that I have in mind.

As the funds aren't sustainng grants, it means that I would need to still work and produce a body of work. I do work full time and draw now,but not at the level that I want. There are few demands for performance aside from some commissions now and then. A project grant would mean accountability and performance, neither of which are bad things depending on whatever else is happening in life at the same time.

However, if I can get an art grant it will provide me with funds to concentrate on my project, buy materials, market, frame, etc. etc. I don't want to share my ideas at this time as I don't want to influence anyone or encourage anyone else to beat me to it! A few secrets are always a good thing.

So where to find an arts grant and what type of grant do I want? I'd like to hear from other artists who have received project grants to find out what the process was like, how the project progressed, the evaluation and overall experience.

Here are two links to grants that are both local and national and may be useful to other Canadian artists besides me.

Deadline September 15, 2008 - NL Arts Council - Project Grants

Deadline December 1 2008 - Canada Council for the Arts - Assistance to Visual Artists - Project Grants


Anonymous said...

I have been considering grants as well Jeanette. The ones that I have found would be more in line with time away to devote to just painting. Not sure for myself if that is workable at the moment. I can dream though about a month alone to paint in a gorgeous setting.

Jeanette said...

Yes, I considered those types of grants as well Robin. I just am wondering how to swing it with work and money and life. Nothing worth doing is simple :)