Thursday, June 05, 2008

Knitting and art

Sock and cookie
copyright Jeanette Jobson

"knitting as a means of expression in fine art has become a global phenomenon, appearing in galleries all over the world. No longer is knitting pushed into the realm of being ‘a suitable pastime for the ‘aged and feeble-minded!''

I started knitting a sock the other night and also was drawing some chocolate chip cookies that I'd made that same day. I was getting torn between the two pursuits as well as listening to a knitting broadcast on my iPod. Sensory overload! (Just in case anyone wants to know, the yarn used here is Patons Kroy Socks 4ply - colour Stained Glass. 75% washable wool, 25% nylon. Knitting on 4 doubled pointed needles size 2.75mm)

I haven't knit for years despite a penchant for buying good yarn when I see it and stockpiling. I think I have the makings of a small wool store in my utility room. What is it about supplies? Its the same with art supplies. I keep buying them, even though I know I don't need them sometimes. It must be that squirrel tendency to store things away for a rainy day - just in case...
Of course living on this island I can justify some purchases as there are things here that I can't buy locally which must be mail ordered or I buy them when I travel.

Knitting small projects is quite manageable and I may make a dent in the Christmas list if I apply myself to it. Knitting is another creative pursuit that has many similarities to drawing and painting. Knitting can also become sculptural like this.

Knitting as an art form and as the revival of a tradition is increasing in popularity. Brigette Cameron's article The Knitting Train delves into knitting as art on the Craft Culture site.

Finally, a unique music video that was knit! The group is Tricot Machine from Quebec (tricot means knit in French). Over 700 of the frames were knit. Its quite amazing really.


Sydney Harper said...

Two things I often have with me are the current sock I'm knitting and my sketchbook. I often knit or sketch under the same type of situations. Sometimes they do compete for attention.

Jennifer Rose said...

that is a really neat video (7 years of French and I only remember how to count to ten and say the days of the week ;) )
I just recently learned to knit, and I do like it, just wish I was a little faster at it lol one hour to do 2 rows :p I hoard fabric more than wool, but I am trying to use up all of my fabric before I buy any more (but its hard not to buy all the colourful fabric lol)

Jeanette said...

Yes Sydney, both activities have similarities and tie in together well.

I hear you on the French Jennifer :) I think most of my French comes from the back of packages!

Like everything, knitting takes practice. I've been doing it since I was a child, though school experiences should have put me off it big time.

Anonymous said...

I have been knitting - keeps me occupied at the ice rink, and doctors offices. I knit squares that are donated to an elderly home where they stitch them together to make blankets for the residents.

artlover said...

Truly amazing!
I am french so I could understand the words;-))