Sunday, June 01, 2008

Vulture update

Vulture - update
copyright Jeanette Jobson

Today has reverted back to cooler temperatures again, but my gardening and the feel of sun against skin helped rejuvenate me yesterday. I also added to my store of images both physically and in my mind with a wealth of colours and light and compositions and I am busy creating compositions with.

As I wake so early lately, I added more layers to the vulture and decided that feathers, or at least this bird's feathers, are a pain to draw. They are fluffy and very much like drawing messy hair, so may take a bit of time to conquer. It makes me wish I'd played around with this on drafting film, as its easier to erase mistakes on!

The duck pond

Another duck disappeared mysteriously. He is no doubt food for another fox or perhaps a mink. 'Abe' was a mottled dark duck that was hatched out here on the farm and he continuously paired up with another male - a white Pekin and they were inseparable. Once spring arrived, they decided that they didn't want to go back into the barn with everyone else at night but wanted to stay on the pond and play. I wasn't about to chase them all over the marsh to herd them reluctantly back in so they got their wish and have been doing so for a month or more. Then the other morning Abe didn't turn up at the barn and the Pekin (known as 'New Guy' even though he's been here more than a year) was there looking subdued and nervous.

Its frustrating this cycle of life. I've come to accept it more but never will do so completely and I resent the eyes in the woods watching, waiting for their turn to pounce.


Anita said...

I envy you the cooler temperatures. We are hovering about 110 F in the day at the moment and rising!

Considering what an ugly bird the vulture is (and its really nasty habits) this is a really nice drawing! All goes to show that there is beauty in everything!

pencilwizard said...

I really like your Vulture drawing, the colours are super. Feathers are never easy to do, and for that reason alone I dont attempt many birds, but methinks you have caught them really well.

Jeanette said...

Its very temperate here Anita and rarely gets really hot which is a blessing and a curse, depending on what you're trying to do.

Because there are no vultures here, I guess I find them to be interesting birds. Yes, revolting habits, but interesting and useful all the same.

Thanks Pencil. I'm still working on the feathers and they are a challenge, especially the fluffy ones towards the front.

Paulette said...

Love the look of this guy!