Saturday, August 09, 2008

Local sketches

The Beamer, Flatrock
pen & ink & coloured pencil
copyright Jeanette Jobson

This has to be the worst summer in terms of weather this year. The rain and cool temperatures just won't go away. I took advantage of a reasonable day yesterday to do a little sketching locally. I haven't done a lot of on site sketching this year so it was good to get out and just get lost in drawing again.

My drawing drew lots of interest this time as at each place, tourists and locals kept coming up to me asking me what I was drawing. I don't usually mind people asking, but sometimes constant questions impede my progress or interrupt my ability to stay focused.

The first sketch is in Flatrock, overlooking the harbour. There is a long piece of land jutting out from the shore that is known as The Beamer. It is topped with many large boulders; left overs from a glacier that swept the area many thousands of years ago and gave the area its name.

pen & ink, sketchbook
copyright Jeanette Jobson

I drove down the coast a little further to reach Torbay and sketch the cliffs overlooking the harbour . The name Torbay comes from an area of the same name in Devon, England and was first mapped in Newfoundland in 1615 by John Mason. The word is the old Anglo-Saxon "Tor" which means a tower.

I'll continue to document local scenes over the summer and these couple of weeks off will provide some free time to access areas that I usually don't have time to visit.


Robyn said...

Great to see you out sketching your beautiful landscape, Jeanette. I love your pen and ink technique.

I think we've taken all the hot weather you are longing for. I think though, that what you have is more conducive to sketching outdoors.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Robyn. Its wets and foggy again today so I don't think I'll be sketching somehow.

Yes, it may be cooler for sketching, but I really really want a little heat. At least some sun!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Wow - I had a start when I saw Torbay before I started reading. I thought you were in Devon - but didn't recognise the scenery!

Great sketches Jeannette - I'd love to see you do more like this. Great material for winter painting/drawing! Have you ever tried taking a pair of earphones out with you. They don't need to be plugged into anything - they just tend to cut down on the number of inane comments!

We're having warm and grey with alternating rain and clamminess at the moment. The sun is a bit absent at the moment.

Jeanette said...

Katherine, do you really think I could be in the UK without landing on your doorstep? :)

Yes, perhaps plugging into my iPod might deter questions. Or at least I could pretend that I didn't hear them.

Kellie Hill said...

These are lovely! All the color you found in that stone wall in the foreground... I've been trying to work up the courage to do some sketching in places where I might actually get spectators- so far I haven't managed it but you're encouraging to me :)