Sunday, September 28, 2008

White Pumpkins

White pumpkins
Acrylic 8 x 10

I've had my eye on Karin Jurick's newer blog Different Strokes from Different Folks and have promised myself than I would participate in it. I haven't had a chance til now and the reference image inspired me.

I love the shape of pumpkins and these white ones are so unusual, looking like ghosts sitting in a field when you see them in reality. Pumpkins are such a herald of autumn and I see them with a twinge of sadness that summer is going, taking warmth with it.

I took the afternoon to myself to create this weekend and spent a couple of hours playing with this. The piece is available on The Starving Artist's Daily Sales blog.


Rose Welty said...

Jeanette, I love this. You managed to keep the pumpkins white and add the warm tones - I was trying to do that, but it got all out of hand. Nicely done.

laura said...

I agree--pumpkins are so appealing;I like anything that's fluted! Your pumpkins are wonderful; the touch of yellow on them is just right!

Gayle Mason said...

Really nice Jeanette

Jennifer Rose said...

great job with the white pumpkins. nice cool colours. I love seeing pumpkins, but I love winter :)

Jeanette said...

Thank you Rose. It was a challenging finding the right colour values for this.

Thanks Laura, they are so interesting to draw. I need to do more pumpkins now!

Gayle, thanks for commenting.

Jennifer - you like winter? Now which winter though? Canadian or Scottish? There's a bigggggg difference :)

Jennifer Rose said...

don't get much of a winter where I am here. Last year we only got a few cold days that were cold enough to turn the heater on and hardly any snow. There was a lot of snow up in the Highlands which was really pretty to see though.

I love winter in Canada. Where I lived with my dad we would get feet of snow (sucked when the power went out though). And I loved living on the lake where we could see all the ice built up and the ice mountains people would climb (and blow up lol). It was just a really pretty place to live in the winter and even better in the fall when it looked like everything was covered in gold.

Winter in Alberta was too cold -60C with a wind chill was enough to turn fingers blue with the danger of frost bite. Didn't go out a lot there in the winter lol Very eerie seeing the flat plains with miles of snow and nothing else in site.

I was born during a really heavy snow storm (the car broke down on the way to the hospital :p made it to the hospital though after dad fixed the car) and people always tell me thats why I love the snow so much lol :)

Vic said...

I have seen white pumpkins before, and saw this photo on Karins Blog, via Katherine's have caught them well, and white subjects are never easy to do.