Sunday, October 05, 2008

Comfort curls

Shannon I
line drawing 11 x 14
copyright Jeanette Jobson

I'm taking a little break from the tomatoes and spent the weekend sketching, photographing scenery and starting the line drawing for a new portrait.

Weekends for me are full, too full usually as I try to cram in things I can't accomplish during the week. Sometimes things fit, many times they don't but I still try to do what I can between getting some R & R.

This line drawing is of a friend's daughter who is three. I love how when she sucks her thumb for comfort/habit, her other hand immediately goes to her hair where she twirls a curl. She has lovely red hair, a lively personality and is adorable. I took some photos of her when I visited earlier this year and finally am getting around to actually starting a drawing. I haven't decided on the medium for this one yet and I have another image of her that may translate into an oil painting.

1 comment:

vivien said...

:>) I used to do that when I was little!

My daughter sucked her thumb and reached up for MY hair!