Friday, December 12, 2008

Bisque ornament

Bisque ornament
graphite 5 x 8

There isn't a single Christmas ornament up in my house. No tree, no lights, no garlands. Not yet anyway. I have boxes of them in the basement, but haven't wrapped my mind around decorating yet. But when I am out shopping, I can't resist peeking at ornaments that are for sale. Snowmen especially. Why I love snowmen, I can't tell you, but I do. Especially ones that aren't coloured like this little guy that I found the other day.

So while having coffee this morning, I propped him up in his box and sketched him. Painting is quicker and more colourful, but drawing is indeed my first love. Its that ahhhhhhhh factor when I get my pencil out that painting never has.


Anita said...

Lovely little piece, Jeanette. I haven't done any Christmas decorating yet either - I don't usually put any up until around the 20th. Have you watched "The Snowman" movie? One of my favourites!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Anita. I LOVE The Snowman movie. Its not Christmas without it and the original coloured version of Christmas Carol with Alistair Sims.

I love the title song with Aled Jones, here's a link if you want to listen

Mary said...

I put mine up the last day of November but that is the custom here and with kids around at least they can enjoy them for about a month.

You master all mediums Jeanette but I have seen your love for graphite through your work. This little guy is precious!

Jeanette said...

The children always enjoy them Mary and its good to stretch out the season of lights and joy.