Sunday, December 07, 2008

Drawing and painting

charcoal and cp 9 x 12

Most of my day was taking up with driving to and from town in horrible, snowy slippery conditions to deliver paintings to an exhibition, do errands then drive back again in the evening. There were very few sales at today's exhibit, I'd say due to the weather conditions. However, there's no predicting weather in advance, so we take it as it comes.

In a mid afternoon break, I took half an hour to do this sketch of my grand daughter and her bear. I've been concentrating on regaining my oil painting skills lately and haven't been drawing as much as I like. I need to maintain that precision of drawing, as it pulls me so strongly, more than paint does. I love detail and find the transition to loose, broad strokes can be challenging. It takes a different mindset. I don't want to go into painting so deeply that I lose my drawing abilities, so I keep switching back and forth.

There is almost a right brain/left brain functional switch between drawing and painting as they're such different ways of creating art. I find I'm thinking of nothing but the moment when I draw, especially in detail. But when I paint, I'm thinking ahead to where the next stroke will be , what the value or colour will be, how much paint to apply, etc. It may be just my need to practice more in painting that makes my brain question itself where in drawing, it comes second nature to me almost without thinking.


Anita said...

Jeanette I have a similar thing going on between painting and drawing and I think you are right that it comes down to what we do most. Super portrait of your grand-daughter - oh my time is giong fast. Before you know it you will be drawing her in her wedding dress!

Robin Neudorfer said...

Is this the one Jeanette, that was just born? Has it really been that long? Oh my....
Your touch on portraits is very special. So much talent...

africantapestry said...

What alovely drawing! I agree with you on drawing...different kind of conentration but so necessary in fact for other mediums.

Jeanette said...

Yes, likely the comfort level that comes with the most practice is how it works.

How time flies is frightening at times!

Robin, it is indeed her. Two in January. I miss so many milestones with her far away... Thank you for your kind words.

Ronell, thanks. My original love is and likely always will be drawing and I feel it is the backbone of most art. But there are differences in thinking between drawing and painting. Both equally appealing.