Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One up, one down

On the Rocks
Oils 9 x 6

I'm calling this painting done. I've tweaked in Photoshop, but can't get it to quite resemble the original in colour. Yes, its fairly blue but not that blue in reality. Winter light is not fun and having dark morning and night even less fun.

I was looking around for something to paint tonight and found an irridescent glass star - a Christmas ornament. Bad move. I swear the colours in that piece changed each time a blinked. I'm not brave enough to show it here. Its beyond redemption. I may work on it more but somehow I think its destined for the 'paint over' pile

I need to start a new drawing. When painting frustrates, drawing soothes. And oddly enough, the more complex the drawing, the more relaxing I find it. I'll see if I have time to get a line drawing done tonight before bed calls me.


palma tayona said...

this is one of those days hen i get to stumble into an artists' blog and just stay on and on and on... and just look through his or her works and be... mesmerized.

i love your works. thank you for sharing these.

Anita said...

This isn't one for the do over pile. I have come up with a solution for do overs - I am using watersoluble oils and when I know its just not going to work I just stick the canvas under the tap and wash it all off! I find paint much more frustrating than drawing and too resort to my pencil when the paint wont work.

Jeanette said...

Thanks for your kind words Palma. I visited your blog and its amazing!

Yes, this one's a keeper. I was up tinkering with the star at 7am. I still don't know if it will live or not. Watersoluable oils...I like that tap idea. Just wash away the evidence :)

Paulette said...

I was going through the linked in suggestions and came across this great painting. I just love the colours and mood, don't know how I missed it.