Sunday, January 18, 2009

Does size matter?

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18 x 12 oils

I wanted to experiment with a larger piece to see the impact of it. I've always worked on small canvasses, perhaps feeling safer there. I took the small graphic self portrait that I did for the sketchbook project and translated it onto an 18 x 24 canvas. Of course in my haste to get something on canvas, I didn't paint the background, so the face and hand is currently bare canvas. Once it dries a bit, I'll go back and add paint to that section.

The rest is painted. I started out with just venetian red on the canvas, then wanted colour, so the sweater was added in viridian which I toned down a lot. I'm not sure if I want that in there now or not and if there would be more impact with all white and just the red, like an oversized lino print or whether I should go for a strong graphic feel with colour as the background.

Its quite nice to work on a much larger size, if not a little intimidating. Everytime I walk into the studio, the size of the piece hits me. However, often size does matter...

I have a lot of images on my hard drive and on an external hard drive and on cds. Some of these are well stored with lots of neat directories and files telling me what is in them. A lot more are stuffed away all over the place, leaving me searching forever for a particular piece.

To make one little part of my life easier, I've set up a Flickr account to store some of my pieces, but in particular the Watermarks pieces so that I can view them at a glance and know what areas I've covered and where I want to go.

I've even managed to create a little slideshow of the watery marks I've made so far. I'm always so impressed when something electronic works for me!


Rose Welty said...

It's a little funny seeing such a large version of yourself, isn't it? I have felt that with my self-portrait...just a little odd. But, this is great you daredevil!

Well done on the slideshow...nice idea to gather the series.

Robyn said...

Your self portrait looks great big, Jeanette. Very Andy Warhole. I like the additional colour.

I too get very excited when I make something technical work on my blog.

Anita said...

I have this see-saw thing going on with size. I paint huge, then I paint tiny and it seems like I can't tackle both formats at the same time! Robyn is right - very Warhol!
As to Flickr - you hit or a sore point for me today - just found someone had taken a photo of a piece of mine and posted it on their Flickr photostream. Not amused in the slightest. Will be interested to see what Yahoo does to put this right.