Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More vitamin C

Clementine II
11 x 14 watercolour

I am trying several other versions of the clementine reference that's in this month's Virtual Sketch Date. This is the watercolour version. I love the sunny colours of this fruit, it definitely brightens up a January day. However, technically I'm not entirely happy with it as it needs more white in it for the pith on the fruit. I should have taken the time to add some masking fluid, but I didnt. I may try a little gouache and see if that will be effective, or simply store the thought of better planning for the next piece.

Self analysis is very useful when you don't have an experienced critic at hand. And over time, you learn to spot weak areas and know almost instinctively what needs adjustment, what lines are out of whack and when to simply trash something and start over.

Its useful to draw or paint the same piece over and over and I see something new each time I do. The next piece will be in charcoal or carbon I think. And perhaps large. I'm trying to break out of small pieces and the transition is difficult. There is a comfort level for me in both dry media and in size restriction.

Going to larger pieces provides a new set of challenges in terms of the technical aspect of creating something larger than life on paper so that it is drawn correctly. Just the sheer size can become daunting as well, when I'm so familiar with working on a small size and the time frame that it encompasses. Larger works mean larger blocks of time for completion. I'll need to bridle my need to see completion earlier.


Rose Welty said...

WOW, that is some larger-than-life clementine on 11x14 paper. Very interesting challenge.

I like it Jeanette...all this watercolor is really good for you, hang in there. :D

Stacy said...

Lovely watercolor Jeanette! But seeing you complete multiple VSD entries while I am still working on making time to finish my first really isn't helping me!!! I have been thinking about my approach though and think I may try gouache for the pith as an experiment since I typically reserve my whites.

Robyn said...

Lovely texture in the fruit, Jeanette. The photograph looks a tad underexposed. I can see where the whites are but they aren't reading as white on the screen. Not doing your watercolour justice. Do you have any photo adjusting software?

Jeanette said...

I like experimenting with watercolour Rose. I think this piece needs more contrast but I'm scared to mess with it too much.

Stacy, I did this in about 30 minutes - plus drying time - so you can easily fit something in with your experience in watercolour.

Robyn, do you mean the reference photo or the watercolour photo? I do have photoshop and other graphic editors but I'm no expert at using them.

I really haven't left any strong whites in this watercolour, that is my problem. Perhaps some gouache or even pastel may give it some oomph. :)

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Jeanette, this is a beautiful watercolor.
I am struggling with my rendition of the challenge. The one that I did in pastel is not working for me. Maybe I will give a try in watercolor.

Anita said...

Interesting that you find it useful to do the same piece over and over - mine get steadily worse the more times I tackle them!
I love the palette you used here.

Stacy said...

You did that in 30 minutes Jeanette?!? Oh how my envy grows. I might be able to get the background in in 30 minutes. I'm not really known as being fast at anything. :) Although I am working on changing that. I went to a portrait group yesterday and attempted a watercolor portrait in 2 hours. The result almost looked human. :D

Ann said...

I like this very much as is, it seems very fresh and lively to me. Of course the size is impressive too. I also really liked the clementine in oils below. I will be interested in seeing what else you do with this image.

Ana Tirolese said...

This one turned out well too.

NoNo said...

I think that you choose very well your colors. good job!

ego2005 said...

This clementine image is more fresher!


MILLY said...

Interesting to compare with your oil one. It has a nice freshness about it.

Gail said...

I like this alot, Jeanette. With the soft colors I think the mask might have been too harsh. I am always in a constant struggle with myself over mask, should I or shouldn't I,...I usually try to conserve.
Nice shadow work.
Thanks for the reference image as well this month.