Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Camouflaged Rainbow

Camouflaged Rainbow
watercolour 8 x 12

I promise my fish frenzy will be over soon and I'll get back to regular stuff. I just need to do these last few prints on the paper that I was experimenting with last night.

I used diluted acrylic inks on sheets of aquarello portofina. The print was already on the paper or will be printed there after the inks dry. With this print, I had already put the fish on the paper then used the acrylic inks over it randomly, almost making the fish look as if it were swimming through it. I added more watercolour to the print. I wanted a bold, bright look that but transparent so the print of the scales and lines of the body showed through.

I think I got there, even if the image doesn't show the brightness of the colours at their best.

I had put some of the fish cards and a print on Etsy and wondered why there were so many viewings. Then someone sent me a message saying the fish print was on the Etsy Gift Guide under Original Art and Printmaking. It was on the first page for the last couple of days and has now moved to page two.

You can find this print and others in my Etsy shop.

I also tried some pastel on one of the fish prints, but am not as keen on it as it covers too much of the print itself. The colours are fine, but the essence of the print is lost in parts. I'll have to work on that and decide how much should be print and how much colour so there can be an easy marriage of the two.


Billie Crain said...

WOW! the camouflaged rainbow is very impressive! i think you succeeded with your concept very well! one red drip seems to follow the contours of the fishes body perfectly. i think you have a great series going here!

Rose Welty said...

Congrats Jeanette! Don't give up the fish if it's working for you...might need a new one though...don't want the neighbors complaining about the smell :D.

Chris Beck said...

Love the Camouflaged Rainbow! The transparency works beautifully with the print.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Billie, I love the bright coloursand how they all come together. It would be nice to have a series of them. Let's see if this was beginner's luck.

Rose, the fish will have one more print job tonight then he's gone. As for neighbours complaining, well I don't have neighbours. Its one of the joys of living deep in the country - no one can ever complain about what you do! :)

Chris, these prints are experimental for me and not my usual tight, controlled self. I have to say I'm quite enjoying the freedom of looser and bigger.

Dee Beale said...

Beautiful work.

Laureline said...

I agree with everyone--LOVE the top one! It's so much fun to follow along as you experiment and play!

Mary said...

Jeanette, I love your fish series! I like the crops, the composition of the fish itself, and the addition of color in different techiniques is awesome.

I guess you have realized how addictive playing with ink can be. I love to spray the paper with water and then squirt drops of ink and liquid watercolor with the dropper. A little frustrating when I can't get the control I want but I love to do that.

Jennifer Rose said...

I love the colours! Its so bright and vivid :D I'm really enjoying seeing your fish prints so please do some more if you can find another fish :)

Jeanette said...

Thank you Dee!

Laura, the colours in this are great, I love that blood red and in real life its so much richer. The experimentation is great fun.

Mary, playing with inks is fabulous. I can get carried away but almost feel like I need some form of structure to my madness if that makes sense.

Jennifer, thanks. This fish has done its last print tonight. The smell was becoming a bit too strong so it goes to the crows in the morning. I have lots of prints to experiment with now, but think people must be getting a little tired of them at this stage. :)

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

oh...beautiful colors.

Robyn said...

I've missed so many gorgeous posts in the last couple of days, Jeanette. This little trout has made a memorable contribution to art, hasn't he. Your results are so beautiful and I'm not surprised there is so much interest. Brava, brava.

Of course, I missed your birthday as well so I do hope I'm not too late to send warmest greetings.

Gesa said...

These are so beautiful, Jeanette! I've fallen for the camouflaged trout - I think the intensity of the watercolour splashes works so beautifully with the print and I sincerely hope that these will sell well. - The ones with the silvery scales are also very intriguing.

I don't know when I will have time, but I'm quite tempted by large prawns and squid.... maybe when some more experiments for the printmaking class are required.

Melissa said...

I came across your blog, and I have to say I absolutely love this picture...are you some kind of an expert of fishes? All the paintings are really nice!!