Monday, March 02, 2009

Fish and cats and ice

This is what I looked out on this morning. Freezing rain had coated everything during the night turning the world into a giant skating rink. And guess where the car was. In the barn. Yep, what fun walking across that to get to it.

I really don't like freezing rain, at least not having to go out into it. It does a lot of damage to trees if it coats them heavily and bends them. However we got off easy today and the day warmed up significantly and it turned to rain and melted.

The ice makes for interesting photos however if you can risk life and limb trying to get to things. This is the side fence looking out from the dining room. The hops and little solar lights are well coated with little curtains of ice.

Finally, one of the garden chairs looking like some kind of torture device with icicles everywhere!
I'm giving this poor old trout a run for its money and getting as many base prints as I can out of it before it deteriorates. While I think the skeleton print looks quite interesting, it really does seem to come to life more when its enhanced with colour, so I'm in the process of experimenting with different papers and tonight preparing an abstract background in acrylic inks to lay another print on. Its a messy business...

I've lifted off some of the muddied colour as it pooled into the middle of the paper and may add some crumpled plastic film for texture before it dried.

I've added more prints to larger sheets of watercolour paper and will add colour to them later, as well as some additional cards.

While waiting for prints to dry and ideas to gel, I painted a tiny watercolour of Tripod. This is ACEO size and I rarely try this size. I find it difficult to adapt to the small size and it continues to amaze me how those who work in miniature on a daily basis do so and do so well.

Tripod was vaguely interested in the print process but more for the paper, not the fish. He's a strange animal who doesn't like any fresh food except tuna. He won't eat fresh fish, chicken, turkey, any kind of meat. He will only eat a particular type of cat food and dry cat food. When he first arrived, he didn't know how to eat dry cat food and would just swallow it whole without chewing it. While I figured out how to do the Heimlich on a cat, he figured out that he needed to chew.


"JeanneG" said...

Very nice photos but way too cold for me. I get cold just eating ice cream. Wonderful watercolor of my favorite subject, Tripod. I was just thinking I should ask how he is doing as you hadn't mentioned him lately.

Jeanette said...

too cold for me too Jeanne! I hate winter.

Tripod's cranky and complaining as we've put down wood floors and he hates them. He's soooooo grumpy about it.

Jo Castillo said...

Ice storms are scary and bothersome, not to mention dangerous. Glad you are OK. Love the fish paintings/rubbings.

Robyn said...

I love your photo of the iced chair, it really sums up how extreme your seasons are. I imagine the summer version with you reclining in it in a big sun hat nursing a cool drink.

That's a gorgeous little painting of tripod, the fussy eater. Dermott bolts his dry food too and wants Tripod to know if there's any food he doesn't fancy just to send it on down here.

~Gina Cuff said...

Hi Jeanette, my five cats are the same way. They will only eat dry catfood.

The ice was crazy yesterday. I actually fell and hit my head and suffered a huge lump and headache! Ouch!

And I love your fish prints. I think I may have to get myself a fish and give it a try. :)

Jeanette said...

I'm not a fan of freezing rain and ice Jo. Its so treacherous. Glad you like the fish prints. :)

Isn't the chair amazing Robyn? What a difference a few months makes. Roll on summer!

Gina - 5 cats! Well dry catfood is less messy than tinned for sure.

That ice is very dangerous to walk on. Poor you falling like that. Its so easy to do on yesterday's ice. I hope you're ok.

Yes, do try some fish printing, its quite different. I'm sure your cats will be fascinated.

Anita said...

While I can put up with snow, freezing rain is an absolute no in my book. Amazing what you are doing with this poor fish. I also find it very hard to work really small but you seem to manage just fine - pretty cat!

vivien said...

brrrr that looks miserable!

Tripod looks a sweetie :>)

Billie Crain said...

all that ice...UGH! we're still lucky to get above 0°F lately so no ice for us. glad you made the trek w/o falling, Jeanette.

i never get tired of seeing Tripod. enjoyed the funny facts about him, too. *lol* he's quite the little diva, isn't he?

Jennifer Rose said...

the ice photos are gorgeous. :D it can be so pretty to look at but so dangerous :/

Your ACEO looks really nice :) Looks like him from all the pictures you have posted :) Working that small gets easier the more of them you do

Anonymous said...

Hey Happy New Year, Jeanette!
Those ice photos are terrific!
It is, however, much warmer here in Sarasota! (hint hint) Perhaps you can come here one day! :-)