Monday, June 22, 2009

The pond

Most of my visitors will be gone in a day or two and my ability to devote some time to drawing and painting will return. I've been sketching plein aire and not very far from home. Its amazing what is on your doorstep, almost literally, that can be explored and seen in a new light.

There is this little pond on the edge of my property. The ducks and geese swim there and its a stopping point for some wild ducks in fall and spring. The trees and bushes have closed in around it, making it secluded and quite sheltered and the excess water flows out via a small brook into the marsh to the right, feeding hundreds of blue flag irises which will flower next month and are quite spectacular when they do.

I made the start on this piece and had it about half done when the black flies drove me inside to complete it. As long as I can get the bones of a piece down, I'm happy and can finish it provided I've gotten the base values in.


Gayle Mason said...

I'm really enjoying seeing your trees.

Lindsay said...

Perhaps a little bug pigment in here too? Nice drawing and I agree about getting the bones down.