Saturday, June 27, 2009

Portraits and ponds

I haven't made a lot of progress with the portrait today. Fatigue has overwhelmed me and after shopping for groceries, cooking and cleaning up, a nap was the order of the day. I must be getting old, I love my naps.

I've wiped the eyes several times on this portrait and they're still not what I want, they're too blue. I want them grayer so they don't become the focal point. I've blocked in colour and some values so everything looks a bit bright here.

I haven't decided on a background yet either. I'm toying with an African plains background as the portrait is The Lion Cub. I may play around with that and see how it goes or perhaps leave it a muted blue/purple which would complement the ochres of the towel.

The spell of hot, muggy weather definitely changed today with fog rolling in and a cool breeze. It must be the weekend! But on the way home in the evening the sun was setting over Gallow's Pond. With not a breath of wind to disturb the water, the reflections were perfect and I had to take a photo.

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