Monday, June 29, 2009

The last bouquet

The last bouquet
pen and ink, 5 x 8

The last vase of flowers from my daughter's wedding party was sitting on the dining table as I sat down with coffee early this morning. The carnation petals were dropping and flowers were decaying and I knew that if I picked it up, the blossoms would shatter and the illusion of perfection would disappear.

So I decided to sketch part of it.

Now those who read this blog will know that flowers are not my favourite subject matter by a long shot. However, I have learned several things over time that I tell to others and need to keep telling myself too.

  1. There is nothing I cannot draw. There are things that don't inspire me or interest me, but that doesn't mean I am unable to draw them.
  2. I learn something when I try a subject that I don't usually enjoy drawing. I learn that its not as difficult as I anticipated and that drawing is simply drawing, whether a mountain or a person or a flower.
  3. Don't tell anyone this part, ok? Sometimes I actually enjoy the process of drawing something outside my comfort level.


Billie Crain said...

Well, by looking at this you certainly can draw flowers! The comp is made more interesting by the broken stem and fallen petals. So much more fun to look at than the typical vase of fresh flowers lookin' all perky.

Pssssst....I think you've just told the whole world your little 'secret', Jeanette.;)

Rhonda Bartoe Tucker said...

Love this post. Drawing is one of my favs!

Jo Castillo said...

I'll never tell your secret. That is a wonderful drawing. Thanks. :)

Chris Beck said...

Fabulous drawing!! I love the mystery of the fragment we can see.

vivien said...

That's a really beautifully observed and composed drawing - and very good points about what can and can't be drawn :>)

It's all a matter of looking isn't it?

Jennifer Rose said...

yep your secrets out ;)

the petals do look delicate and fragile here, especially with the broken flower. well done :)

Unknown said...

Great drawing Jeanette and you are so right we can draw everything. Just a question of "mind over matter";-)

Jeanette Jobson said...

Billie, compositions that include imperfections are much more interesting I think too.

Thanks Rhonda, I'm reminding myself 'out loud' I guess about drawing what I don't like to draw.

Thank you Jo. I know my secret's safe with you. :)

Chris, what the viewer doesn't see is often provokes the interest, doesn't it?

Thanks Vivien. I'm trying to practice what I preach in terms of drawing everything. So many people say 'I can't draw .......' when in reality the subject matter just doesn't inspire them too much. So they rush through it, do a poor job, then say they can't draw 'x'. Yes, it is all about observing.

Jennifer, thanks. I like the sense of decay that the broken flower and petals give to the piece. Perfection is boring often.

Thank you Sheona. I need to keep pushing the mind over the matter some days. :)

Shabsblog said...

Lovely blog, u r really an awesome artist!