Friday, July 03, 2009

1,023 fingerprints

I knew I was approaching my 1,000th post, but hadn't realized that I had over run it by 23, well 24 now.

I originally started my blog as a way of making myself accountable to my art - to ensure that I would produce both artwork and writing. I also enjoyed the process of writing and sharing knowledge and life with others from around the globe.

The original purpose of the blog is still there and there have been many benefits along the journey.
  • I have met hundreds of people that I would never have if I had stayed silent.
  • I have pushed myself to explore other media, spurred on by others.
  • I have participated in artistic groups and ventures, though done through words and pictures are as real as any local ones.
  • I have honed writing skills and the ability to know what appeals and what doesn't.
  • I can expect honest critiques of my work for which I am always grateful.
  • I push myself to produce, share, market and build my craft because I know others are watching.
  • I have left my fingerprints on the world.
The image of my fingerprint, above, was an idea for a painting that I had. A blown up version of my own print, painted. It is an intricate labyrinth and unending maze of corridors when seen enlarged. It is a project for the future.


Peter Brown said...

Jeanette, although I'm a newcomer compared to your 1,024 posts, I've quickly come to appreciate the benefits of blogging after some initial scepticism. All of the benefits you list strike a chord with me.

I'm not part of a local art group and have no other opportunities to mingle with other artists, so I've come to value greatly any dialogue my blog can generate. I feel a sense of camaraderie with the artists who comment regularly or provide honest feedback, and it's comforting to discover that aspiring artists everywhere face the same uphill battles.

Twitter? Well, I'm yet to be converted!

Jo Castillo said...

Congratulations, Jeanette. I think you have accomplished your goals. We love your blog, it is a "must visit" for me. Thanks for all the wonderful information you have shared. The fingerprint is an ambitious painting for sure!

Happy Belated Canada Day, too.

Jennifer Rose said...

neat idea for a painting :) with the colours you have used it almost looks like the skin has been left behind in the print, probably not the effect you were going for ;) but could just be me having watched a bunch of horror movies lately lol

Anonymous said...

You've always got such interesting outlooks and creative ideas for many of the same issues other artists face.
Thanks for doing what you do!

vivien said...

I agree on all the benefits you mention - I was very dubious and self conscious when I started and wasn't at all sure if anyone would ever read it!!

It's been a fun journey and like you I really value the interesting people I've met and their generosity in sharing knowledge.

Congratulations :>)

Jeanette said...

Peter, I think my online artist friends support and encourage more than many virtual ones could at times. And the benefits of worldwide expertise and experience is priceless.

Thanks Jo. I appreciate all your comments and support. And Happy 4th of July! I hope your day is lovely.

Jennifer, I guess I've never looked at the fingerprint that way, but you're right. It could seem a bit grisly. :)

Thank you Tracy. The interaction with other wonderful artists such as you, keeps everything moving.

Vivien, I think we all have those doubts. I know I still have them! I've enjoyed the journey and continue to do so.

Gesa said...

I like these points - they resonate with much of my own thoughts of what the blog as enabled me to do. I'd been thinking about that in relation to learning styles and preferences too... and many of the points appear in your list. I really like the painting - I will have a closer look... a print and then a painting... think, think, think... to the next 1000 :)

Rhonda Bartoe Tucker said...

Your wonderful blog has been on my regular reading list for a long time, now. Thanks for all you do and share. May you have 1024 more!

Marian Fortunati said...

I enjoyed your synopsis of blogging benefits. While I've not been at it as long as you, I look forward to many of the same benefits.

I agree with other readers...... May you have thousands more!!