Thursday, July 02, 2009

Portrait complete

Watercolour in many respects is a quick medium. Once you start, aside from drying times, it tends to fly along I find. I've worked more on this portrait in spurts of time today and am calling it complete.

It hasn't got the looseness that I've come to like, but the watercolour pencils veer me towards a more controlled portrait. I did add some washes of colour with my pans set of paints but overall kept it fairly tight. I may still go back in and deepen the shadows, but I don't want to muddy the piece. I'll let it sit for awhile then see how I feel about it.


Robyn said...

Looks great to me, Jeanette. Good depth in the features and I love the gentle mood.

Laureline said...

So strong, Jeanette. I love the warm palette you've used. Really, really nice work, as usual.

EH said...

This portrait is beautiful, she looks so natural and relaxed !