Friday, August 07, 2009

Capelin update

Capelin study

I've had a hectic few days and haven't had much time to spend on painting for one reason or another, but I managed another few layers for this watercolour. The initial panic about the Arches paper has died down a little and as it dries the wrinkles are eliminated. So far, any masking fluid that I have used has come off without taking off any layers of paper with it.

I did get a full sheet of Arches today but 250lb hot press so I'm hoping that will be better. I'll still be placing an order for some other types of paper as people have been kind enough to offer to suggestions for other brands.

This piece is 15 x 22 and so far, its behaving. I'm going slow to avoid muddying colours. I want the blues and pinks of the fish to show through but have the fish in the bottom layer more subdued. This is where I can scrub back some washes of colour if necessary, but am a little wary doing that noting previous Arches behaviour.

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sue said...

Oh, this is fun watching you develop it. I can't wait to see if completed--looks fabulous so far!