Saturday, August 08, 2009

Knights and waves

I'm working on three pieces at once, more or less. Its something that I've always tended to do, this multitasking whether in art or other projects that I work on.

They different projects consist of different mediums and different levels of difficulty so that I can switch back and forth when one becomes a little tedious to continue with. In between the major pieces, I also work on sketches and small paintings. Its my equivalent of a coffee break.

This image of a man in a jousting tournament from a renaissance fair was in this weekends WDE at WetCanvas and his intense look appealed to me. It started out as a quick sketch which then turned into a watercolour.

The other piece that I started yesterday is a 20 x 30 inch oil painting of a wave breaking over the rocks in Pouch Cove. I was there last weekend and watched the water, took some photos and came away inspired. I will be working on this piece for awhile yet and it will likely be on the Watermarks blog.

I have blocked in colour at this point and am starting to develop some shading to give the waves and rocks form.


Jonathan Manning said...

Jeanette, that knight is beautiful!

maria said...

Lovely! I find myself multitasking as well once in a while. I get tired looking at a single piece for a long time, so...I just love the Pouch Cove wave piece.

Jennifer Rose said...

you did a great job getting that intense look of concentration on that knights face, really well done :)

vivien said...

I'm inclined to multi task too! I was drawing a thatched cottage yesterday - nothing whatsoever to do with current series of seascapes and waterways!

I too love painting (and watching) the waves and the wild day at Sennen studying the waves was one of the best days painting for me.

Both these are lovely - you've really caught the intensity of the gaze

Jan said...

Wonderful, Jeanette! You've caught his expression perfectly and the beach and the water rolling onto the shore is so calming to me. Even when the waves are high and angry-like, the ocean is still a great relaxer.

Terry Banderas said...

Nicely done. Great expression. Most artists can multi task--the engineers I worked with could not--needed to finish one project at a time. The problem is trying to do too much which sometimes takes away from being focused on the fine details of a piece--my issue for sure. Good talking to you. You definitely stay busy.

Jeanette said...

The knight was fun to do Jonathan. And I have no problem being rescued by him... :)

The look is what drew me to it Jennifer. What a stare!

I'm glad others multi task too Vivien. Having the ocean close by makes life easier when I need to get the water just right.

Thanks Jan. The knight was my interlude. :) The water is challenging.

Terry, I thought it was only women who could multi task lol But I agree, it comes easier to artists I believe. And of course, its easy to take on too much. I'm the master in doing that!

Jeanette said...

Maria, yes its good to have a change in concentration I think, whether medium or complexity.

The wave is slowly coming together.

Robyn said...

Wonderful intense character in your knight,, Jeanette. I can see why you wanted to paint him him. Beautiful use of watercolour.

I saw a more advanced stage of your oil painting of the sea on my Watermarks feed and was really struck by the beauty of it. Brava. It's a beauty.

I can multitask with life but not with art - too obsessive I think.

Sarah said...

What a super painting.I love the fluidity of your work on such excellent drawings.Fab!S

Sandy Maudlin said...

You DO know how to handle watercolor beautifully. Glad I found your blog, as well. And keep multi tasking - I'm thinking it really increases creativity ... or makes us crazy???