Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Rock challenge results!

Image taken in natural daylight

Image taken under artificial light

I have found that the best way to tackle something that tests your ability is to study it continuously for a period of time and to study the subject as it is portrayed by other artists too. A month ago I issued a challenge to other artists to join me in a month's exploration of rock and their complexities. And what beautiful images were created!

This last piece is some rocks jutting out of the sea at Holyrood. The images, the first taken in natural daylight and the second under artificial light at night show quite clearly how lighting can affect viewing colours - and the same would seem true when applying colours to your painting too.

Here are the links to drawings and paintings that were submitted. Take the time to visit each and every one, as they all have a lot to say about creating rocks in art. And thank you to everyone who joined in!

And if there are any waifs and strays who still want to submit a piece, please do. Just put your link in the comments and I'll add it as soon as I can.

Maree Clarkson
Link I
Link II
Link III
Link IV
Link V
Link VI
Link VII

Katherine Tyrrell
Maritime Inversion

Vivien Blackburn
Sennen Cove & Land's end

Charlene Brown
Link I

Harry Bell
Link I

Link I

Jennifer Rose
Link I
Link II

Jeanette Jobson
Rock Challenge
Mariners Foe
Savage Cove Rocks II
Savage Cove Rocks III WIP
Untitled WIP


Maree said...

Wow Jeanette, this depiction of your rock is utterly stunning! Well done! If you were giving prizes for the rock challenge, this one would surely win.

Thanks for the opportunity to do rocks and the exposure - going to check all the links out now!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Maree. I enjoyed playing around with watercolours for this one.

The images submitted for the challenge were amazing. I'm glad I don't have to award a prize because I'd never be able to decide.

Jennifer Rose said...

this challenge was a lot of fun, thank you for doing it :)

*goes to look at everyone's posts*

vivien said...

great images - a really good challenge :>)

Laurel Neustadter said...

Your rocks are wonderful. The colors are beautiful. Well done!