Monday, September 21, 2009

The 'end of the palette' painting

I'm usually not overly frugal but for some things I really hate waste. Paint left on my palette is one of those things.

After painting all weekend, I'm still left with an assortment of squiggles and blobs of half used/half dried paint in various colours left on my palette and I really don't want to just toss them. So I thought I'd just pile them onto an old piece of canvas board and let the colours land where they may and see if something recognizable came out of it. There are rich layers of impasto that make me almost want to dip a finger into them like icing on a cake.

So now my leftover paint is used. My leftover canvas is full of paint. I have a new apple that looks rather like a patchwork quilt. I don't think it will ever make it in an exhibition but I thoroughly enjoyed creating it.


Gary said...

I, of course, have this new admiration of painting fruit as subject. It is a real pleasure to see your apple images in more than one medium. It's like a more thorough exploration of your subject. I love your work.

Jeanette said...

Gary, fruit isn't something that I paint often, but I'm having fun examining apples and creating them in different mediums. I still have lots left to go with it seems!

Its good to stretch into areas that are out of the usual for myself. It always helps me grow.

I hope you'll be inspired to create more apples.

Jennifer Rose said...

I hate wasting paint, good on you for using it up :)

the patchwork effect works well here, you can tell where the light hits. you could do an exhibition with all of your apple pieces :D