Monday, September 21, 2009

Twilight Marsh II

Twilight Marsh II
oils 9 x 12

Today is the first day of autumn and while I'm not quite ready to break out the wooly sweaters and mitts quite yet, I am contemplating starting some small knit projects that will keep out the cold.

The weather's too warm to wrap my head around that too much but it did cross my mind as I continue revitalizing old canvases. This winter scene is of a meadow that I pass each day on the way home. On this day, the sun lit the clouds outlining the trees in gold and the snow was purplish-blue in the fading light. Twilight. A perfect time of day.

I originally painted this back in January, mostly from memory.

I have been studying the paintings of Peter Fiore and his beautiful stark winter landscapes. Perhaps I was influenced by his work when I repainted this little strip of land. Its not winter yet, but with scenes like this that I know will appear again, it makes the season less formidable.

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Gesa said...

ooh... this is lovely - wonderfully abstract and i love the cool blues in the foreground... i'm looking forward to misty mornings, the first frost, etc... Berlin will be a much better location for that than Glasgow... and less dark overall, which is very good too