Saturday, September 19, 2009

Savage Cove surf

Savage Cove surf
7 x 10 watercolour

I'm continuing on with a mini series of ocean views around my area. There is so much coastal geography in the province, I don't have to go far to see water and rocks.

This is Savage Cove. Its a lovely little cove with a stony beach and lethal submerged rocks. I'm sure it was named for good reason. But it is one of my favourite places to paint because it is very quiet there and also dramatic with the rock cliffs sloping down to the sea and the often turquoise water at certain times of year.

This piece measures 7 x 10 and is done on handmade heavy rough watercolour paper. The paper has no brand name and is contained in a book that I received as a gift last Christmas. Its a perfect texture for painting rough water as the brush skips over the paper, making its own highlights and eliminating any need for masking fluid. I also add a little pastel to intensify the foam in areas that aren't strong enough.

I've noticed that this has similarities to the Pouch Cove surf piece in terms of composition. Perhaps I'm drawn to that view of diagonal rocks in the water or they're just peculiar to Newfoundland!

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