Sunday, September 13, 2009


I continue to sift through old paintings and see what I can do to transform them. This was originally an image of something entirely different that I wasn't pleased with at the time. And this is some of the process I used to reach the final painting that is now here.

I covered the surface with modeling paste with a thought of texture in mind, and perhaps depicting ocean movement. I played around with images and options and finally decided on a view I'd sketched previously of Middle Cove, just after Hurricane Bill. The sea was rough with waves hitting the cliffs, the wind was still high and clouds were scudding across the sky.

The undercoat that I'd previously used for initial sketches was interesting, so I decided I'd let it show through the clouds. The lines left in the modeling paste added to the feel of the day.

I decided to share some of my painting with you in video form. Yes its a bit scattered and yes my studio table really is that messy, but sometimes its interesting to watch others work. I wasn't talking during this piece but there was some music on my laptop and if you turn up your volumn you may be able to hear it.


vivien said...

messy? that's not messy, just creative :>)

I like this one

Maree said...

Nice job Jeanette! I love revamping.

Rose Welty said...

I definitely like the texture, adds quite a bit. Did you film that yourself? One-handed?

Interesting to watch you paint, thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Rose said...

really like your choice of music :) and the texture works really well here

Pat said...

Hi Jeanette, very creative and I love watching the process......the line of sight, looking down at the palette then up at the painting. Was the camera attached to your head?

Jeanette said...

Yeah, creative...that's the word I was looking for Vivien! :)

Thanks Maree.

It was fun to play round with this Rose. Yes, single handed. My tripod kept moving and I didn't have a decent spot to put it.

The music was purely coincidental, but I liked it too.

No, it was in my hand Pat, but in a headband could work perhaps, sort of like those flashlight thing. Need creates invention.