Sunday, October 04, 2009

Pear study

I've had a lazy day today. It was cool and damp and very fall like, so I lazed on the sofa and napped then after supper came to the studio to push paint around.

My notebook was sitting close by and there was paint on my palette so I decided to see how it would react to the paper. Although it sucks up paint rapidly, I like the feel of it for a quick study.

I bought a basket of pears at the market and took some photos of them on the kitchen counter with sunlight coming in. I love strong shadows and contrasts. Pears remind me so much of fall, I only wish I could grow them here. I haven't seen any growing, but if apples grow, perhaps pears could as well if sheltered..

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Ann said...

Very nice pear study. Yesterday I took an insane number of photos of pears, just because the light was so nice and they remind me of fall also.Your portrait below is off to such a great start and I really like your Belfast painting below too. I do admire your ability to work so masterfully in various media.