Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Portraits and turkeys

I did some more work on the portrait I started last night but am not sure if I like how its going or not.  I think it may still be in that ugly phase and I need to work through it.  I don't like the eyes and am not sure how to get around that with watercolour and ink in place already.

I have layered more pigment and added ink, almost like a value map on the face.I wanted a graphic look to the piece and its moving in that direction.  There's still a lot of work to be done on the hair and that throws the whole thing off a bit as my eyes are still looking for what isn't present yet.

I have switched up to an updated version of Blogger for posting.  Don't ask me how.  Some little box popped up and, like a five year old in front of an elevator button, I pressed it and here we are.  So bear with me if things look a little wonky til I get used to it.  However, it doesn't seem as if I'll have too many troubles with it.  And it does make loading and placing images much better.

The Thanksgiving turkeys came back today with people picking them up constantly.  Supper on days like this is a thing of the past or eaten in many stages.  There are just the Christmas turkeys in the barn now, eating like there's no tomorrow.  They are fed natural feed with no hormones, no animal by products.  They have music, a large pen inside, corn on the cob hanging in the pen to peck at and eat and a Sponge Bob ball. 

Yes.  Turkeys like to play ball.

It keeps them amused and provides something to peck at rather than each other.  They will, in mass, chase the ball if you throw it.  I need to capture that on video, its quite funny.


A Brush with Color said...

Oh, wow--the portrait is really cool! Very interesting--I like it! The turkeys are cute--I want to be one of your pets--they sound like they're leading the good life there! (at least until Thanksgiving!) The ball is a riot.

vivien said...

oh do capture it on video!

Jennifer Rose said...

that would be funny to see them chasing after the ball. nice to see them being taken care of and not in cages.

hubby switched my blog to the new version, it is much easier to place photos, just need to get use to it.

Gary said...

Yes! I've always thought that watercolor and pen and ink were undeniable - you have taken it to new heights.

RHCarpenter said...

Very interesting where this is going and I like it. Don't give up...step back and take a few breaths. Once you get some more darks here and there and in the hair, the eyes will be fine. I like what you're doing with the watercolor and pen and ink - bold and creative!
I love the turkeys with their ball! ha ha

Jeanette said...

Thanks Sue. Yes the turkeys have a good time while they're here. I still feel guilty when they go though.

I will have to try with the Christmas turkeys left in the barn Vivien.

Thanks Gary, its interesting to experiment with this. Still more work to do on it, but kill or cure.

Yes, I'm hoping more darks and colour will balance it out Rhonda. Its good to take chances and play around with things.

The turkeys are goofy. They're such characters.

Jeanette said...

Sorry Jennifer nearly missed your comment! I'm a strong believer in taking care of animals well, even more so if they're going to be food animals.