Saturday, December 05, 2009

Rocky the Crow

Relief printing is the third medium that I've tried using the Terraskin paper and Rocky the Crow is the result of the experiment.

I found a small piece of soft cut block which is heaven to carve and doesn't hurt my hand.  I then sketched a crow sillouette and branch onto the block.  Using Amie Roman's advice about carving out the crow and tree instead of leaving them as the relief worked beautifully on black paper, but of course on the off white surface of the Terraskin, it becomes reversed with an albino crow.

Terraskin doesn't absorb ink the same way as regular paper would and with its slicker surface, burnishing blurred the image.  I found more success with saturating the block with ink then plopping it onto the terraskin and using the pressure of my hand only, leaning into it to apply the image to the surface.  Even then, I can't get a crisp image with the block.

With the first blurred image, I thought I would try washing the ink off the surface, as can be done with Yupo.  A lot of the ink did wash away, but there is a shadow left that makes the piece unusable unless gessoed....another element for another experiment perhaps.

So I did a quick print on black paper to get the desired effect of black crow.  I didn't test first to get a really good print, but the general idea is there.  I will work more on some good prints of this image.

The results of this experiment?  Terraskin isn't going to work well for printing from what I've seen so far.  However, I think it is worth playing with more to see what other effects can be achieved with it in the print world.  Never say never.


Amie Roman said...

I think there might be some potential for printmaking with the TerraSkin - there are some applications where non-absorptive surface is useful. I find that if it's a slippery support, Safety Kut is very challenging to print on, because it, too, is somewhat slippery. Add Speedball water-soluble inks into the mix, and it would be a nightmare. I don't know what inks you were using...

That shadow result after scrubbing off the ink could be an interesting foundation at some point to a mixed media effort, you never know!

That black paper/light ink print is gorgeous!! I really like that effect (as you know!).

Robyn said...

You did save the best for last, Jeanette. I too love your crow printed on the black paper. What sort of black paper did you use?

You probably would get a crisper print on the TerraSkin using oil based ink on one of your lino blocks - but it doesn't sound like it's an ideal printmaking paper. I'm looking forward to my gouache experiment though :)

Jan said...

I don't know much about printing but I know I like your crow. Too bad about the TerraSkin although you may still find a way to print on it.

I was hoping it would be like Yupo and would come clean with washing but ---- Have you tried the Mr.Clean Magic Eraser on it? The kind without any chemicals in it, of course. There are other brands that are similar also.

Thanks for all the experimenting - I'm waiting on the qouache experiment also!

I can't wait to receive my sample pack - hopefully tomorrow!

RHCarpenter said...

I know about nothing about printing but like the albino and the black crow and see a definite heart on the white crow :) Keep experimenting!

Anonymous said...

Love that bottom image - he's a beauty.