Thursday, December 03, 2009

Rocky the Puppy

This is my second experiment using different media on the TerraSkin paper. This sketch is the start of a puppy using coloured pencils - Derwent Coloursoft in this case.  I suppose I should really use the same subject for each test, but that never appeals much so I'm varying them.  After all, its about the paper's reaction to media, not subject or colour values.

So what's the verdict?  The pencils apply smoothly to the surface of the paper and I'm using a light pressure to avoid applying too much pigment to the surface and overloading it.  I think that TerraSkin acts similarly to drafting film but with a bit more tooth to it but opaque, not translucent.  I will still be careful in what colours I apply and how they are applied, as I know I can easily reach saturation point without achieve the depth that I want.

As with drafting film, you can erase coloured pencil down to the white again  on this paper without damaging the surface - always a bonus in cp work! 


sue said...

Well, it sure looks good, Jeanette! sounds interesting! I love this!

Jennifer Rose said...

the eye looks really lifelike :) I know with drafting film if you erase too much you can leave a mark with the eraser, do you think it would do the same thing with this paper?

Jan said...

You so impressed me with your snowman that I sent off for a sample pack of the TerraSkin also which is supposed to be sent out today. I'll probably receive it the first of next week.

I've also been reading as much about it as I can and was wondering if silverpoint work could be done on it effectively? I really think it could be - maybe that should be your next project! lol (Aren't I a good friend to plan your art work for you! lol)

In the meantime, I'm very interested in this cp of the puppy and hope you finish it. It's coming along beautifully! And I can't wait to see more of your experiments with this paper!

Jeanette said...

Thank you Sue for the encouragement.

Jennifer, I've never erased that hard on drafting film or on this so I'm not sure. Perhaps I need to abuse it a bit all in the name of research? :)

Jan, great that you're going to try some. I'd love to see what you do with it.

As for silverpoint, I think you'd need to give it a coat of gesso first as silverpoint needs a bit of tooth to put a mark on and this surface is quite smooth. However, its worth experimenting with isn't it?

So let's see, I have gouache from Robyn and silverpoint from you for my next testers...did I mention that I'm getting Robyn to be the gouache tester lol

Krista Hasson said...

Very nice start, love Rocky. Thanks for sharing the info about this paper, I had never heard of it before.