Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ryan's meadow

When I haven't drawn or painted for a few days I lose momentum and struggle to find inspiration.  I wandered around the studio today looking for something that would rouse the muse out of her stupor and found it in some photographs that I took last month of Ryan's meadow.  The Ryans have a lot of land in the area, mostly used for making hay and these meadows are use for the same crop.  A couple of years ago, I used a gate to one of Ryan's fields for a silverpoint drawing and have taken a number of photos, one of which I provided under Creative Commons for anyone to use.  It seems Ryan's land holds inspiration for me.

I see this view, slightly hidden by trees, each day as I drive home from work and always promise myself that I will stop and capture it.  But the time isn't right, the weather doesn't cooperate, traffic gets in the way, tractors are going in and out of the field, etc. etc.  I throw up a dozen excuses as why I can't draw or paint this field.

But last month, on the way home from somewhere I purposely stopped the car, barely off the road, and walked into the field to take some photos.  There had been a lot of rain and the field was sodden with water still on the surface as I squelched my way through the grass.  It filled tractor ruts and pooled in dips in the ground and made grass in the distance shimmer with light.

I don't know why this view appeals to me so much.  The land slopes upwards and takes over the sky, while the treeline and brush creates separation lines of colour.  Perhaps those are the reasons. Shape and colour.  Isn't that what inspires us all?

This was done in watercolour, with some pen and ink added for thre trees/brush in the foreground, on Strathmore coldpress 140lb and is 6 x 12 inches.


Chris Beck said...

Lovely -- I can almost feel the cool, damp air on my face. I have certain landscapes that speak to me too, but cannot analyze why and have given up trying. Better just to respond as you have.

Gesa Helms said...

jeanette, how funny... now, my 'ryan's meadow' is 'von der ohe's meadow', it featured in various drawings and prints and i've just been trying an ink drawing and layering on it... will post. but similar to you... it's a view i don't tire off (well: i only get to see it a few times a year, as it's next to my parents house.

Sarah Wimperis said...

You and me both, stopping the car to see and catch inspiration, maybe there should be a bumper sticker..."take care artist driving"!
I love winter landscapes and I like the spiky trees you have in the corner here

travelingsuep said...

Great pic, glad you finally painted it.

I like Sarah's idea of a bumper sticker.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Chris. I'm glad it can convey a sense of the land and the weather.

Strange how we have similar pieces of land that call us Gesa. I have wondered at times if you had a special meadow that you created images from. Now I know. I'll look forward to seeing more.

Winter landscapes expose the bones of the earth almost Sarah and are very appealing. They can also reduce the confusion of seasonal colours and make lovely mysterious pieces. Like that bumper sticker idea! Caution: Artist driving. Sudden stops. :)

Thanks for taking time to comment Sue. I'm glad I took time to paint it also. I see more in the future.

Anonymous said...

Lovely painting! I admire the watercolorists ability to plan and use the unexpected equally.

I am drawn to large open fields, but I have always thought is was my upbringing in midwestern farm country. Maybe it's the wide open space that draws us, too.

Congrats for acting upon longstanding thoughts!

Gesa Helms said...

happy new year, jeanette! yes - most of my field images are from the three, four fields round my parent's house... i've been away for a couple of nights but now back here; it has snowed again and it's below zero, so i've read up on your iced watercolours :) i did some drawings last week where the rain and the snow on the ground came in useful, though it can do with more strategic application... need for experimentation over the weekend :)