Friday, January 01, 2010

Moving forward

This morning I opened a fortune cookie and pulled out the message inside.  It made me smile and I think its a good portent for 2010, so I am posting it here.

I've reviewed and written and scratched out and thought and rewritten and now think that I have the directions in place for where I want to go with my art in 2010. As indicated in a previous post, it will follow three strategic directions, which I have refined a little in terminology for one direction (thanks for jigging the thought in my head Margaret).

  • Production
  • Visibility
  • Revenue
Over the last few years I feel as if I've been testing many fields in terms of subject, medium, support, etc.  Like a lightbulb coming on in my head, there has been more clarity lately of where I want to go and what I want to achieve with my art.  It maybe a natural progression of time, familiarity, finding a comfort zone etc., but it has arrived.   I know what I need to do to achieve it.  Just getting there is the challenge.

I have a full time job and a life besides art, though a lot of the time it doesn't feel that way, as art encompasses so much of what I do.  Finding the balance of time and energy is challenging the older I become too, but like everything, I make time for something that is important to me and stop myself throwing up excuses of why I can't do something.

My natural self is fairly reserved and not wanting to be in the spotlight, so putting my work - an extension of myself - out to be rejected through juried exhibitions or galleries always becomes stressful to me.  I force myself to do it and to enjoy doing it and it becomes easier the more it is done.  The critiques I receive are taken as given, helping me grow, not personal attacks as they could be perceived in early art life.

Art resumes grow, artist statements become easier (well sometimes), techniques are mastered and shared, new mediums and supports are experimented with and I grow as an artist.

The functions under each direction that  I want to take can be multipurpose, in that one function may hit all three directions, which is a good thing, as it saves me time and effort.

Producing pieces of art is the essences of being an artist.

I will produce a body of work in gyotaku.  This will be a minimum of 8 large pieces that are cohesive and connected and that will be exhibited at a local gallery. I am hoping that it will be tied into a grant, but if the grant doesn't materialize, the work will still exist.  I will simply have to work harder to produce other pieces to support its existence.

I will continue to produce portraits of both people and animals for pleasure and commissions.

I will experiment in other mediums and become familiar with them. 

I will take a portrait class with Gerry Squires.   I have wanted to do this for years, but timing has always clashed.  Its not cheap to do, but well worth it in terms of information learned from him.

I haven't devoted enough time to network with other local artists in the real world.  The online art community is vital and important, but the real world is often where more art sells and I have neglected that.

I will become involved in the creation of a local artist's group to draw or paint with, exhibit with and learn with.

I will become a member of two other art organizations locally that will increase my visibility and allow me additional opportunities to show my art.

I will submit art to the provincial Art Bank, Arts and Letters Awards and to a minimum of two juried exhibitions.

Art is the bread and butter of artists.  At this point in life, no I don't need it to exist and yes if I did, it could be a tenuous existance.  However, I want recognition for my work, tangible recognition for my creativity, years of learning and hard work.

I will produce and market prints and greeting cards of my work through local stores as well as my Etsy shop.

I will apply for a local grant to support the creation of a body of work

I will develop drawing and painting tutorials which will be for sale online.  I would like to produce four of these as a minimum.

I will market and offer workshops in my strength areas of drawing, coloured pencil, gyotaku and watercolour.

I will hold an exhibition of works for sale.

Roll on 2010, I'm ready and waiting for you!


Gary said...

You will always be an inspiring influence on me and others. Your fortune as posted couldn't have been otherwise. Your plans for the future gives me confidence that you will always be out there for inspiration, confidence , instruction and support. Happy New Year Jeanette, may you reach all of your goals and beyond.

sue said...

What a thoughtful, inspired post, Jeanette! I could feel your passions and pragmatism merging here in a real plan of action. Good for you! I'll love watching you go about it all. Best of luck to you as you put it all into place!

Ann said...

Your fortune is correct - you do have good instincts! I am glad that you share them here too - visiting your blog is always so inspiring. It sounds like you have a wonderful year ahead!

"JeanneG" said...

Good list and I'm sure most of them will be finished.

I knew you were probably more reserved in your nature and I appreciate you getting out of your comfort zone a little and answering my "nosy" questions at times. You know how "familiar" a lot of people over here are.

I have known you for about 3+ years now have shared so much that I feel like you are a friend and that makes me want to know more about you and your life. Thanks for the friendship and inspiration you have given me. Give Mr T a pat on the head for me and some new photos if possible. And Happy New Year.

Unknown said...

You put me to shame Jeanette. So far I'm all talk and no writing for my strategic plan. I have some similar actions as you and some different ones (in my head).

There's an excellent set of workshops coming up in March in St. John's (on a weekend) that I think will fit in with your plans for yourself and certainly help with grant writing etc. I know the facilitator personally so I can vouch they will be top notch Check them out on the VANL-CARFAC website. I plan to attend.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Gary, thank you for the kind words. Its built into me to share what I know or what I learn or just put things out there for feedback. To know that it inspires others is wonderful. I will tackle 2010 head on.

Sue, I think that passion is key to success in anything that you do. If it doesn't fill nearly every waking moment in some way, if it doesn't excite you and inspire you, it becomes a chore or a struggle to move ahead. I'll enjoy sharing my year with you.

Thanks Ann. My plans are part logic part instinct and part crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!

Hi Jeanne. I will try my best to achieve my goals.

Yes, it has been awhile that we've known each other hasn't it? I never mind answering questions and if they're too personal I'd say so.

As for Tripod, he very grudgingly poses for photos, but more often goes in the opposite direction as soon as he sees a camera. However, I'll see if I can sneak one in soon for you.

Margsret, I did see something about those workshops with VANL, thanks for the reminder. I should go an book one very soon.

Rose Welty said...

This looks great Jeanette. I remember a few years ago when you were hoping to sell more and build a body of work. Here you are, building on those successes - I can't tell you how inspiring it is to see. You give me great hope that I just need to press on. Thank you dear friend - I look forward to seeing all you accomplish in 2010.

Jo Castillo said...

Jeanette, oh looks like you will be busy, busy. You are an inspiration and I really admire all your experimenting and learning. Best wishes on completing your goals. :) I know you will succeed.