Monday, February 15, 2010

Cat updates

I'm pushing on with the cats with little updates, as I have a number of other projects both on the easel and in my head to move ahead.  My brain is almost into the fall and its only February!  Oh to have the luxury or more time.  Then again, it's good to have some pressure and time limits to produce as it spurs me on and I can be more productive then.

I like working on a number of pieces at the same time.  It keeps my interest level high as each piece is different and presents a new challenge.

These portraits are in various stages of completion with one that I haven't shown yet as I haven't done much to it yet beyond the eyes.  I hope to have the last two complete within the next couple of days, then concentrate on the other two.

All are done in coloured pencil on the smooth side of mi-tientes paper.


A Brush with Color said...

These are amazing, Jeanette! Glorious color, and those eyes! Such textures--and I love the perspective on the last cat.

Toni said...

yes these are amazing. you and Gayle draw, create the best cats. the last one looks just like my Lily.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Sue, yes isn't the last one precious? I think its my favourite.

There's something about tabbies that is so appealing Toni. Thanks for commenting.

sue said...

Great Cats ... particularly the last one and I love the colour.
Mi-tientes have some great colours in their range don't they, but having got used to sanded papers I find the paper a little 'flimsy'

Look forward to seeing more :o)

Jan said...

These are all amazing, Jeanette! I think my favorite is the second one because it looks much like the cat I had for nearly 20 years.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Sue. I have used the sanded paper too and they're more substantial than mi-tientes. Some of the colours in this work well for mid values in animals.

The middle cat is unique Jan. Persian? I'm not up on my cat breeds. The fur seems denser and less directional on the face than the rest of the body too.