Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gyotaku 'sketches'

I've been playing around with some gyotaku and variances using different fish, papers and backgrounds while I build up more substantial pieces.  These are what I consider the 'sketches' for the larger pieces.

While the salmon is taken from a real fish, the flounder is one of some replica fish that I purchased as back ups for when what I want isn't available or for use in specific teaching environments.  The replicas are cast from real fish and have good detail.  Neither of these pieces are complete yet, there is still more work to do in adding the eyes and enhancing the colours.  I was skeptical about the replicas, but the flounder here has good shape and anatomical realism. 

I have a number of Japanese papers that I'm trying as well.  The flounder is printed on cream coloured chiri paper that has lots of flecks of mulberry bark embedded in it, is soft and flexible but still fairly strong and withstands printing and manipulating well.

As I experiment more with a variety of papers, I'll develop more knowledge about them, their characteristics and strengths.  There is such a variety and they are becoming more readily available in art supply stores around the country.

The Japanese Paper Place in Toronto has a huge range of papers and will likely be getting my business.

The Original Paper-Ya on Granville Island in British Columbia has an interesting selection of various papers.

If anyone knows of other good suppliers of japanese papers in Canada, do let me know.


Billie Crain said...

I think the replica of the flounder made an amazing print! I'd never have guessed it wasn't a real fish. I really can't tell the difference on screen. Where do you find these things?

Btw, thank you for the paper links.:) I saved a few for myself.

Jeanette said...

They're quite good reproductions. I was impressed. I got them at Blick's, seems there is nowhere else selling them.

Paper sources are always treasured, glad you could make use of them.