Monday, March 22, 2010

Old Blue - update

I'm nearing completion on this piece.  If I have enough time, I hope to finish it this week.  I'm building more shading and completing little sections of peeling paint and dampness in the plywood on the base of the boat.  Detail is what will make or break this piece I believe, as its such a tight crop.  And, once I get into it, I adore detail work.  Heaven knows what that says about me!

Once the stippling is complete I will likely reinforce the warm light of early morning as it lit the boat, with a pale wash of watercolour.  The hours on this so far?  I've not really been keeping count but I'd say probably 40, maybe more.


Niall young said...

It's looking wonderful...I must admit I've not considered using a wash..I will try that've certainly created a very warm and satisfying feel.Do you enjoy the process..?

Jeanette said...

I guess the wash is cheating a bit if you look at it from a purist perspective. I always like pen and wash and it speeds up the process a bit.

I LOVE the process. I'm a detail freak at heart and adore making tiny marks and fine detail. I'm looking around now for what I can do next with pointillism.

Your work is different and much finer, especially with your use of different colours. I was going in that direction, with colours, but got sidelined.

RHCarpenter said...

When you finish this I am going to stand up in front of my computer and applaud! And I don't think it's "cheating" to use a wash - just another way of getting where you want to go with this.

Jeanette said...

Funny Rhonda. I can just see you doing that too! :)

Well, I guess I meant its technically not a complete pen and ink or pointillist piece if I use wash, but what the heck!

Jennifer Rose said...

not cheating at all. would a light ink wash work, or do you think it would just cover up all the dots?