Sunday, March 21, 2010

Peppermint knobs

With only a short time available today to paint, I decided to take 20 minutes and apply it to a study in watercolour.

These peppermint knobs sitting on their red bag are part of the Purity Factories range of products which are local and somewhat of an institution in the province.   My initial watercolour of Purity Kisses was based on one of the types of candy produced here and I had a mini series in the back of my mind to do more of their candy.

Peppermint knobs are something I remember from my childhood and associate with my grandfather who always seemed to have a limitless supply of them in his pocket for me.  The indistinct striping and sugary coating haven't changed over time, not has the taste, which is mild peppermint and not over powering.

I have a drawer in my studio filled with bags of Purity candies and a few more products in my pantry waiting for their moment to shine.  I like trying a study of a piece before going for the real thing.  It helps me work out colours and composition instead of experimenting on a full sheet of paper.


Gayle Mason said...

Love the colours, I'm pretty sure I'd like the candy too!.

Tina Mammoser said...

Beautiful little study. :) 20 minutes well spent.

laura said...

Gorgeous colors and handling of the paint--it's so luscious!

Jeanette said...

Gayle its very pink isn't it? And they are very pink in reality, but not a bad flavour.

Thanks Tina. Its fun to put a time restriction on occasionally. It stops me from fiddling too much.

Laura, I only wish I'd dropped a few salt crystals on the piece before it dried to see if I could get a better sugared effect. Always next time.

RHCarpenter said...

Beautiful little painting in only 20 minutes :) Love that pink - it is bold and bright and in-your-face and I know of peppermints like this and can almost...almost taste them now while looking at this study.